Former SCC leader calls time after 20 years

A former Leader of Suffolk County Council will not be seeking re-election in May after what will be 20 years as a County Councillor – representing four different seats across Ipswich. Bryony Rudkin was first elected to Suffolk County Council in 1997, representing Stoke Park in Ipswich, before switching to Priory Heath in 2001. In 2005 boundary changes saw her move to a new double … Continue reading Former SCC leader calls time after 20 years

Brexit is OFF!!!

No, not really. Don’t panic Vote Leavers. Don’t celebrate Remainers. All that has happened is that the High Court has ruled that the Government doesn’t have the power to trigger Brexit without a vote in Parliament. The Government will appeal the verdict of the High Court, possibly directly to the Supreme Court, which is in reality where this was always going to end up. The … Continue reading Brexit is OFF!!!