Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb. The lack of credible choice for British voters.

Many of us have spent much of the last 36 hours digesting the idea that there will be a snap election on 8 June, having been so […] convinced by the Government that there would be no such thing. Now the dust from that bombshell is settling, politicians are popping up left, right, and centre, spouting whatever they seem to think that second. We mere … Continue reading Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb. The lack of credible choice for British voters.

New Labour candidate for Ipswich

A new Labour candidate will contest the Ipswich seat this year, after it was confirmed by the East Anglian Daily Times that Ipswich Council leader David Ellesmere will not stand in the General Election on June 8th. Possible names discussed in the Spy office include Deputy Council Leader Bryony Rudkin, former South Suffolk candidate Jane Basham, County Council Labour Leader Sandy Martin, and new Euro … Continue reading New Labour candidate for Ipswich

General Election update

Yesterday the political world was catching up with the news that the Prime Minister was going to seek Parliamentary authority to call a General Election, the first time this has happened since the Fixed Term Parliament Act was passed by the Coalition Tory/Lib Dem Government back in 2010. With polls over Easter showing the Tories more than 20 points ahead in the opinion polls, it is … Continue reading General Election update

General Election Special

With the shock news that Theresa May has called a General Election, capitalising on her 20 point lead in the opinion polls, Spy is returning for 8 weeks only, to provide commentary and coverage of the election period. We’ll aim to blog regularly through the election period, and bring in our usual guest writers, and we’ll still aim to give everyone a fair shout. But … Continue reading General Election Special