Basham up for the fight

The East Anglian Daily Times confirmed last night that Jane Basham is one of the potential Labour candidates for Ipswich, after she allowed her name to go forward to the party’s regional executives.

Ms Basham, who beat Tim Passmore on first preference votes in the 2012 PCC election, only to lose out on second preferences, stood for the Labour Party in South Suffolk two years ago, where she increased Labour’s vote by 5% and went from third to second.

A former Chief Executive of the Ipswich & Suffolk Council for Racial Equality, Ms Basham is now Director at Suffolk Rape Crisis, and has ties to the community in Ipswich, despite not living in the town herself. EDIT: Ms Basham has pointed out that she does live in Ipswich.

Paul Geater at the EADT quotes her as saying:

“I’ve worked in Ipswich for around 25 years and have family in Ipswich. This might indeed be a tough election – so Ipswich needs a candidate who’ll fight hard for them because they need a Labour MP.

“Someone who will fight for a Brexit that really works for working people, who will defend our NHS and who will make truly affordable housing – including council housing– a reality.”

Other names discussed locally include Alex Mayer MEP, Councillor Sandy Martin, and Councillor Neil Macdonald, though none of these have confirmed an interest in the seat.


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