Gummer to write Tory ‘May’nifesto

Ipswich Tory MP Ben Gummer, who sits in Cabinet, is at the heart of a team writing the Tory election manifesto, the FT reveals.

Describing Mr Gummer as “a moderate, pro-European who has earned the trust of Mrs May,” the FT explains how he will draft the Tories manifesto – which Theresa May hopes will consign those elements of Cameroon Conservativism to history.

Given Mr Gummer sits on the liberal wing of the Tory party, the manifesto could surprise those who expect a right wing rant aimed at bringing UKIP voters back to the Tories. 

Indeed Spy suspects Mr Gummer might well produce policies designed to help colleagues in Cornwall and Devon see off a resurgent Lib Dem party, as polling suggests that UKIP is disintegrating all on its own. 

Those Lib Dem challenges in Cornwall might well fizzle out on their own. Banging the remain drum might work well in left Richmond Park or Twickenham – or St Margaret’s in Ipswich – but it won’t go down so well in Cornish fishing villages where the Common Fisheries Policy has long been detested.

We await the product of Mr Gummer’s manifesto team with interest!


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