How do you solve a problem like the Labour Party?

Roll up! Roll up! It’s time for every MP in Labour to spend their penny to bash Corbyn on the head in the chance of winning a prize, and that prize is not being the Government!

The problems Labour have been facing since the election in 2015 are well documented, from shadow cabinet members resigning left, right, and centre, to nearly leadership contests, and real leadership contests. Yet almost 2 years down the line since we said goodbye to Ed Miliband, Corbyn is somehow still at the helm of the ever sinking ship.

Now, one would say, is the time to come together, as anyone would expect with a General Election just round the corner, but no, not Labour. Why fight to run the country when you can be fighting each other.

Putting in-fighting aside just for a moment, what about the policies I hear you say. Well countless members have spent the last 36 hours proving they are out of touch with the electorate and out of touch with facts and reality.

A few of my favourite quotes:

“Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has said the Labour party could win the election and he wants a “fair system of taxation” to be put in place” because “low and middle earners are bearing the burden of the tax take.”

Because going to university, coming out thousands of pounds in debt, or having worked hard all your life makes you rich. £70,000 is rich and you should pay more than the 40% you are already paying. Yet it seems because only 25% of the tax collected is from the top 1%, they clearly aren’t pulling their weight along with everyone else!

Then Diane Abbott says:

“The British voting public don’t like unnecessary general elections, and this is the definition of one. It is all about the internal management of the Conservative party,”

I think she failed to read the YouGov poll from the previous night in which 49% backed the early election compared to 17% disagreeing…. Clearly 17% now makes a majority, and I need to go back to school to learn maths.

Finally, today’s winner of kai su tecnon (et tu brute) award goes to….drum roll please….

John Woodcock MP:

“I can’t endorse #Corbyn for role I think even he doesn’t think he’s fit to carry out.”

My parting message would be this: maybe the only way to solve a problem like the Labour Party is by hitting the big red button. Get rid of Corbyn and reconnect with voters!


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