Lib Dems select Adrian from Vauxhall

Ipswich Lib Dems have selected former Vauxhall candidate Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett to be their standard bearer for remain in the forthcoming General Election.

Mr Hyyrylainen-Trett was born in Norwich, was delighted to be selected. He said “I believe every constituency in the country needs to give people the option of voting against the government’s current hard Brexit stance. The 41% who voted Remain in this constituency and those that voted to Leave but are unhappy at how the Conservative government is presiding over Brexit deserve someone to vote for.”

All the candidates for the main three parties in Ipswich are likely to be remain supporters, with incumbent Ben Gummer being vocal in his view that voting for remain was tantamount to economic disaster. However, both Mr Gummer and whoever the Labour candidate ends up being (probably Sandy Martin, a local Councillor) will now support their party policy on Brexit, with Mr Gummer congratulated in the Financial Times on trying to influence policy to “limit the damage” of Brexit.

In 2015 Mr Hyyrylainen-Trett stood against Kate Hoey, who was vocal with Grassroots Out and regularly seen with Nigel Farage. He saw his vote reduced by 18%, much in line with the Liberal Democrat wipe-out after 5 years of coalition with the Tories, and is not standing again, despite the Lib Dems targeting Ms Hoey’s Vauxhall constituency.

He said he will also be concentrating in his campaign on local issues. “With upcoming two year negotiations with the EU, the Conservative government will be forgetting and ignoring all the national concerns including, the funding and financing of the NHS, Social Care provisions, Mental Health, Education and of course the environment not to mention strategic infrastructure and transport issues around Ipswich.”

Mr Hyyrylainen-Trett is looking forward to the campaign, and providing a challenging opposition to the current incumbent Ben Gummer, he said “No seat should be a shoe-in for anyone and I intend to give the next five weeks my full attention to provide an alternative, open, and tolerant candidate for the people of Ipswich”.

His suggestion that he is the only open and tolerant candidate will certainly annoy his opponents, not least Mr Gummer, who was proud to be part of the vote to allow marriage equality, which Mr Hyyrylainen-Trett is the first Ipswich candidate to take advantage of.


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