Sandy is standard bearer for Labour

Sandy Martin, a local Labour Councillor and leader of the opposition on Suffolk County Council, has been selected as the Labour Parliamentary Candidate to fight Ipswich at the General Election on June 8th.

Mr Martin is a well known face and voice, and is possibly the most high profile Labour politician in Ipswich after David Ellesmere, the Leader of Ipswich Borough Council, who stood in 2015 and lost to Tory Ben Gummer.

He represents St Johns electoral division in east Ipswich, and has been leader of the Labour Group on Suffolk County Council since 2009, increasing the group from 4 councillors to the current 15, and will hope to increase that yet again on Thursday, at the County Council elections.

Mr Martin was previously on the Labour list for the European elections in 2014, and is a member of the Labour Party’s National Policy Forum. He is a member of UNITE the Union, Socialist Environment & Resource Association, the Fabians, the Cooperative Party, LGBT Labour, Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform, Labour Movement for Europe and Labour Coast & Country.

A vocal remain campaigner, it remains to be seen how he will back his party’s position on Brexit, or how he will approach many traditional Labour voters in heartlands like Gipping, Old Stoke and Gainsborough, who turned out in their thousands to give Brexit the thumbs up.



2 thoughts on “Sandy is standard bearer for Labour

  1. Sandy Martin has been selected but as Labour leader at SCC… he is standing for the county election on Thursday… he cannot be a county councillor AND an MP. He is more likely to win in May than June. June is the better job. He has to stand down risking his political career even if a day before the General Election. This leaves Labour without a candidate in his current ward.

  2. The same Sandy Martin who said “Get out of my way!” yesterday morning to a dozen people in conversation?
    He is certainly educated but seems not to have learned any manners.

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