Sandy is standard bearer for Labour

Sandy Martin, a local Labour Councillor and leader of the opposition on Suffolk County Council, has been selected as the Labour Parliamentary Candidate to fight Ipswich at the General Election on June 8th. Mr Martin is a well known face and voice, and is possibly the most high profile Labour politician in Ipswich after David Ellesmere, the Leader of Ipswich Borough Council, who stood in … Continue reading Sandy is standard bearer for Labour

Positive Vision for Ipswich – a Review

When Ben Gummer was re-elected in 2015, just two years ago, he promised the people of Ipswich that he would work hard for them, especially in the six areas he put forward in his “Positive Vision for Ipswich”. Here, Spy reviews the six areas and how much progress there has been made towards each, and what challenges there will be in the election.   The … Continue reading Positive Vision for Ipswich – a Review

General Election update

Yesterday the political world was catching up with the news that the Prime Minister was going to seek Parliamentary authority to call a General Election, the first time this has happened since the Fixed Term Parliament Act was passed by the Coalition Tory/Lib Dem Government back in 2010. With polls over Easter showing the Tories more than 20 points ahead in the opinion polls, it is … Continue reading General Election update

General Election Special

With the shock news that Theresa May has called a General Election, capitalising on her 20 point lead in the opinion polls, Spy is returning for 8 weeks only, to provide commentary and coverage of the election period. We’ll aim to blog regularly through the election period, and bring in our usual guest writers, and we’ll still aim to give everyone a fair shout. But … Continue reading General Election Special

Pay deal means bus strike is OFF

A deal between Ipswich Buses Ltd and Unite the Union means Monday’s strike action, which would have paralysed transport in the town, has been called off. The pay dispute centred on a pay demand by some drivers, the lowest paid third of drivers, who wanted £10/hr instead of the £8.81 offered by the company, which is wholly owned by Ipswich Borough Council. The Labour run … Continue reading Pay deal means bus strike is OFF