Labour’s key Brexit promise delivers Leave agenda

One of Labour’s star performers, Sir Kier Starmer, former Director of Public Prosecutions turned Labour Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, today announced a range of measures as part of the Party’s platform on Brexit. The measure spun to the media as the most controversial is the plan to allow 3 million EU citizens to remain in the UK after Brexit – … Continue reading Labour’s key Brexit promise delivers Leave agenda

Is UKIP racist now?

There was a time when UKIP were considered a respectable party to the right of the Tories. As the Cameroons moved to the centre, telling their right wing “who else are you going to vote for” became more dangerous, because increasingly the answer was UKIP. While the Left has always howled “racist” at UKIP, because their language is frequently from a generation that didn’t value … Continue reading Is UKIP racist now?

Positive Vision for Ipswich – a Review

When Ben Gummer was re-elected in 2015, just two years ago, he promised the people of Ipswich that he would work hard for them, especially in the six areas he put forward in his “Positive Vision for Ipswich”. Here, Spy reviews the six areas and how much progress there has been made towards each, and what challenges there will be in the election.   The … Continue reading Positive Vision for Ipswich – a Review

Gummer launches campaign to re-elect

Ipswich MP Ben Gummer took time off from writing the Tory manifesto to launch his own campaign for re-election, along with MP colleagues from across Suffolk, over the weekend. Mr Gummer launched his campaign while other parties were still scrambling to find a candidate, such was the surprise at the calling of a General Election despite repeated rejections of the idea by the Prime Minister. … Continue reading Gummer launches campaign to re-elect